About Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance to a plaintiff with a reasonably justifiable case pending which provides the plaintiff with needed cash before the case is settled. Downey Lawsuit Funding makes investments in cases which we believe to have strong credentials for success, providing needed funds immediately, prior to any settlement in the case, and only collecting repayment once the case has settled. In the event that a case does not settle or goes to trial and ends unsuccessfully, the plaintiff has no obligation to Downy Lawsuit Funding. In short, you do not pay us until you get paid.

If you are pursuing a qualified lawsuit, having immediate cash can allow you to stay in a case long, litigate more aggressively, and pursue a better settlement over the course of the case. Many plaintiffs experience serious financial challenges during the immediate aftermath of an injury or accident which must be financed prior to any settlement with the responsible party, making lawsuit funding an attractive option which provides flexibility and choice rather than forcing your course of action.

How Much Can I Get?

Lawsuit advances are tailored to the needs of each case, and can range from $500 to in excess of $100,000 if the appropriate cirucmstances exist. Our staff will evaluate each case on its own independent merits, and will typically only offer advances to plaintiffs who can clearly demonstrate liability and are likley to receive a sufficient amount in settlement.