Home Loans

The housing market is a volatile and uncertain sector, and making your first or even fifth foray into securing a mortgage loan can be a confusing and complex process which seems to require extensive knowledge of myriad topics in order to make an educated decision. Deciding on a loan’s duration, knowing what sort of rate you can obtain in relation to the current market conditions, and understanding the long term implications of borrowing a large amount of money are all issues that financial novices will have little experience with or understanding of.

Consulting a financial advisor prior to seeking out a home loan will afford you the guidance and advice you need to ensure that the terms of your mortgage are suitable to your lifestyle and financial situation, as well as give you insight into the details of how the terms of variable rate mortgage may change over time. Downey Financial Planning is among the leading resources for sound and dependable investment advice and financial planning services, providing clients with security and confidence in a variety of sectors.

Areas of Guidance

Buying a home can require an extended period of careful consideration and maintenance of the loan’s terms and conditions, and taking the time to ensure that you build equity in a secure and manageable manner is essential to your long-term financial stability. To learn more about any of the following topics regarding home loans, contact Downey Financial Planning:

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Get Prequalified
  • Make a Payment

Building a strong understanding of your financial position through consultation with an experienced financial advisor prior to investing in a home which binds you to a large home mortgage loan is an essential part of responsible planning. With the guidance and input of a skilled and experienced advising organization such as Downey Financial Planning, you will have the ability to carefully evaluate your loan options and make the correct decision for your unique situation.