Wrongful Termination Suit Filed by Former SFPD Attorney

Former SFPD attorney Kelly O’Haire recently filed a wrongful termination against Chief Greg Suhr, claiming that she was wrongfully terminated when she was putting together a case to have Suhr removed from office.

O’Haire was an attorney with the police force charged with investigating and disciplining officers and other employees in the department. In 2009, O’Haire was investigating and recommended disciplinary action against Suhr after he failed to report a domestic violence call he responded to that involved a friend of his, violating both department policy and state law.

While O’Haire was in the process of recommending action against Suhr, she received a call threatening that she would be sorry if she continued with her actions. Suhr was suspended over the incident, but shortly after, was named Chief. One month after being named Chief, Suhr terminated O’Haire, and accorder to her, it was an act of retaliation.

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