Ruling in Lawsuit Against Fox Searchlight

Two interns who worked for Fox Searchlight Pictures have won a key ruling in their lawsuit against the company over allegations that they were improperly moviesclassified as interns and denied pay for their work on the 2010 production of the film “Black Swan.” Eric Glatt and Andrew Footman filed suit in 2011, alleging that the type of work they were asked to perform, including getting lunch for production staff and other menial tasks, did not fit the legal requirements necessary for their status as unpaid interns. U.S. District Judge William Pauley agreed, claiming that the two should have been treated as employees under New York’s labor laws, as well as federal employment regulations. Attorneys for Fox Searchlight have vowed to appeal the decision to the 2nd Court of Appeals.

This case demonstrates something important for those pursuing lawsuits, particularly against larger companies, to keep in mind: namely, that these types of defendants have access to substantial legal resources, and can often drag cases out over many years in order to discourage litigants from fully pursuing the justice they deserve. Fortunately, lawsuit funding can help to ameliorate this problem. Contact the professionals at Downey Lawsuit Funding today to learn more about how this service may be able to help you win your case.

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