Legal Scholar Sues Former Employer

A former employee of the University of Iowa’s law school has sued the institution, claiming that she was the victim of discrimination as a result of her conservative Writingbeliefs. Teresa Wagner was a part-time employee at the school’s writing center in 2007, when a position for full-time employment as a teacher to first-year students came open. However, she was denied the position, which instead went to an individual she claims was less qualified, and who lost the job within a year. After that point, the job was never filled.

Wagner’s suit claims that this refusal to promote her was based on ideological differences between herself and the school’s faculty and administration. The charges were dismissed on the first trial, however, and it remains unclear whether Wagner will be able to continue to pursue her claim.

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  1. ALD Plumbing / 26 Jun 2013

    Suing based on discrimination of ideological differences seems to be common? I will have to look up more information on this.

  2. / 28 Jun 2013

    I wonder how qualified this person was for the job in the first place? Check us out

  3. Insure on the Spot / 14 Nov 2013

    I imagine this person must have been somewhat qualified considering she was already working a similar job at the time she claims she was snubbed.

    -Insure on the Spot

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