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Grand Jury Decides “No Indictment” on Sandra Bland Case

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No one will be indicted for the death of Sandra Bland, a grand jury in Texas decided. The 28-year-old black woman was arrested on the 10th of July 2015 and was found dead in her cell only three days later. She was pulled over for making an improper lane change and was promptly arrested and charged with the assault of a public servant after an altercation occurred when she had refused to get out of her car. Official reports have claimed that her death was a suicide by hanging. Bland’s relatives and supporters have questioned these findings as the footage found on the dashboard camera, as well as the CCTV footage available, has appeared to have missing parts. They also claim that Bland had not shown suicidal tendencies in the days prior to her arrest. Her supporters have suspected foul play as Attorney Larry Rogers also claimed that the incident “screams of a cover-up”. All the while, Bland’s mother and sisters have expressed their distrust of the grand jury, though they filed a lawsuit and claimed the situation warranted a claim of wrongful death. Prosecutor Darrell Jordan, however, has said that the grand jury has not made a decision on whether or not the Texas police officer who had arrested Bland, 30-year-old Brian Encinia, should be charged for his arrest of Bland.